DiaMonTech wins Enrico Just as Managing Director and CFO

Berlin, 1 October 2019

DiaMonTech GmbH, a young and innovative medical technology company, has appointed Enrico Just as an additional Managing Director and CFO of the company. He took office on 1 October.

"We are pleased to have gained Enrico Just as an expert in the development of growth companies. He knows exactly where to start in order to further boost the development of DiaMonTech. We can benefit in particular from his excellent network and his wealth of experience," says Thorsten Lubinski, co-founder and CEO of DiaMonTech GmbH.

"DiaMonTech is a company with great potential and a highly motivated team. I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to contribute to the success of this company," emphasizes Enrico Just.

Enrico Just gained more than 25 years of experience in his previous roles as CFO and CEO. He has held senior management positions in established companies and start-ups in the medical, media, travel and aviation industries. These include the BURDA Group, the RTL Group and Deutsche Lufthansa. For the past five years, Just has been Managing Director and CEO of the bio.logis Group in Frankfurt, which is internationally active in the development and operation of IT systems for human genetic diagnostics. There he developed the business concept and the market entry strategy and established corresponding organizational structures. In his career to date he assumed responsibility for the management of up to 100 employees and has a broad network in the international capital market.

About DiaMonTech

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2015, DiaMonTech is a medical technology company committed to improving health outcomes for people with diabetes and empowering them to take control of their lifelong health. Its pioneered and patented non-invasive “no prick” photothermal detection technology is fast and painless and doesn’t require needles or test strips. An industry first, DiaMonTech monitors the actual glucose molecules in skin, providing users with a more comprehensive and accurate reading comparable to invasive commercial devices. DiaMonTech achieved 99.1% accuracy in a test study with 100 people studied, received the CE mark as a medical device in April 2019 and is currently under FDA review. To support its mission, DiaMonTech is led by a world-class team of scientists, researchers and healthcare experts. 

More information about DiaMonTech can be found at www.diamontech.de.

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Markus Teuber
E-mail: hello@diamontech.de

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