Say goodbye to finger pricking!

And retire your test strips, too.

DiaMonTech has developed a medical device that non-invasively measures your blood glucose without finger pricking, a drop of blood, or a test strip.

Simply relax your fingertip on the sensor, wait 5 to 15 seconds, and your blood glucose level will be displayed.

An Award winning Project

In June 2017 DiaMonTech won the prestigious award from the German business magazin "Bilanz" as most innovative German start-up.

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Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring

Most diabetes patients determine their blood glucose level with an outdated, decades-old procedure: Prick a finger, put a drop of blood on a test strip, and place the test strip in a glucometer that shows the blood sugar level.

That all changes now. Our patented technology works with an invisible infrared light beam that looks into your skin and counts glucose molecules.

This process is fast, painless, and cost-effective. You will be able to perform an unlimited amount of measurements and learn about your blood glucose level as it changes throughout the day and overnight. DiaMonTech makes managing diabetes much easier with the help of more frequent measurements.

Our device family:
A desktop device for clinical settings and multiple users and a compact pocket device for the end user. The band is a glimpse into the future: A watch-like device you can wear on your wrist that measures your glucose levels continuously. Each device can also communicate with your mobile phone so you can check your information any time and take immediate action.

Designed For A Better Life

Diabetes is a global challenge. More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from the disease. Our goal is to make checking your blood glucose level as easy as unlocking your phone. You will be able to get measurements throughout the day without pain or extra costs. Diabetologists suggest that more frequent blood glucose measurements can lead to better overall diabetes management and less diabetes-related illnesses. Until there’s a cure for diabetes, DiaMonTech can make living with it much easier.

Available in...


Shoebox-sized device to conduct human trials with our technology.

In preclinical tests, DiaMonTech achieved the same accuracy as tests strips.

End of 2019
DMT pocket

Pocket-sized personal device for the individual end user that can be carried around day and night.

This helps users track blood sugar levels more frequently.


Wearable device that continuously measures blood glucose.

This includes data logging and alarm functions to track glucose levels when they are too high or too low.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our technology is based on well-established physical methods in the field of spectroscopy. We expanded on these methods to be able to detect glucose in the human body. This is a concept we call “photothermal detection”. Professor Werner Mäntele and his team developed the method over the course of 10-15 years and DiaMonTech adapted it to create a medical device.

Measurement Process

After you place your finger gently on the sensor, a light beam is directed to it. Glucose in your skin transforms that light to heat. This minimal change in temperature (you won’t
notice it) is measured by our detection system. Our device then calculates your blood sugar level based on the temperature change.

German Engineering

It’s important that every detail has the highest level of precision in order to get accurate readings. That is why we only work with the best companies worldwide and manufacture our devices locally. DiaMonTech is truly “made in Germany”.

A peek behind the curtain

This is the heart of our technology. It looks easy and works magically, but we did put a lot of thought into it.

This is our sensor surface – a clear, skin-friendly crystal that guides the infrared light onto your skin. Gently put your finger or thumb on it and keep it still while the “measurement indicator” on screen starts working.

This is the heart of our measurement system: A high-tech, state-of-the-art quantum cascade laser (QCL) that emits infrared light in a spectral range that is absorbed by glucose. This type of laser radiation is safe for the eyes and for the skin.

This is the optic lens that guides the infrared laser beam to the sensor crystal and further into the skin.

This tiny red light laser is part of our detection system.

This is a position-sensitive detector that registers the slightest deflection of the red light beam caused by the temperature change induced in the skin.

The whole system is mounted on an “optical bench” that ensures the highest precision during measurements.

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MEET THE team behind the innovation

Scientists? Yes. But We’re Mostly Human!

Professor Werner Mäntele
Head of R&D

Werner is a professor of biophysics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt (Main). He has over 30 years of experience with spectroscopy. He is also an expert in analyzing and detecting molecules like glucose. Werner invented our technology and he is one of the co-founders of DiaMonTech.

Thorsten Lubinski

Thorsten is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully built, developed, and sold several companies.
He is a computer engineer with an MBA and a specialization in medical software.

Dr. Rainer Gith
Legal Counsel

Rainer has his own law firm
and he supports DiaMonTech in all legal matters, with a focus on financing and IP. His area of expertise is hardware-focused startups.

Software Engineer

Bartosz is our software expert, taking care of design, implementation, and documentation of the user Interface and all algorithms.


Diego is an Electronic Engineer with experience in the Energy Industry and IoT. At DiaMonTech, he is responsible for the design and hardware implementation to obtain signals that represent physical parameters.

Strategic Partnerships

Markus focuses on partnership development across current and future verticals. He is an active business angel in the digital health sector and previously co-founded and sold his venture for personalized health.

Operations Manager

Jamie is a freelance Operations Manager at DiaMonTech.

Business Development

Juan is an Industrial Engineer passionate for technology and societal impact.

Daniel Mancuso
Electronics Engineer

Daniel is an Electronics Engineer with 10+ years of professional experience prototyping, designing, and manufacturing embedded systems, with a special focus on IoT/M2M applications.


Pia is a physicist with a passion for optics. She is working on the improvement and development of our technical designs


Sergius acts as a project manager and links the scientific with the business parts. He is a physicist and has experience with startups in health and the fintech/event industry.

We look forward to seeing our technology in medical products that are shipped around the world to improve the lives of all diabetics.

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