DiaMonTech as a guest at the "Health Policy Talks"

BERLIN, JULY 07, 2023

In the eleventh episode of "Health Policy Talks", Dr. Olaf Gaus and DiaMonTech's CSO, Prof. Dr. Werner Mäntele, talk about the pioneering technology that makes it possible to measure blood glucose levels in a non-invasive way. As co-founder of DiaMonTech and former Professor of Biophysics at Goethe University Frankfurt, Prof. Mäntele explains how the innovative technology uses optical methods to complement chemical or biochemical measurement methods.

The technology developed by DiaMonTech enables non-invasive glucose measurement using infrared laser beams. The interstitial fluid under the uppermost layer of the skin is used as the object of investigation, as it has the same glucose concentration as blood. Prof. Mäntele explains that the absorption of the laser radiation by the glucose generates a minimal amount of heat.

In the interview with Dr. Olaf Gaus, Prof. Mäntele explains how DiaMonTech devices measure this amount of heat, how the technology was developed and the advantages of "measuring without a prick". He provides insights into the validation of the process, securing funding and when the first devices will be launched on the market.

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