Together with our partners, we are developing a miniaturized sensor for everyone who wants to keep an eye on their blood glucose levels. For updates just subscribe to our newsletter.

Rendering of the D-Sensor in a smart watch

"If you don't have diabetes yet, knowing your blood sugar levels and how to regulate them through diet and behavior changes can help prevent you from developing diabetes."

Jessie Inchauspé, glucosegoddess on instagram

"For me as a marathon runner, a non-invasive sensor that tells me my blood glucose levels in real time makes a performance difference: it tells me how well energized I am and when and what I should be eating."

Tobias, berlin

"Smartwatches already have a abundance of sensors, including a pedometer, a gyroscope, an electrical pulse sensor and an optical pulse sensor, to name a few. The sensor I want the most, and one that would also change my life, is a blood glucose sensor."


Highly anticipated

The glucose sensor is by far the most eagerly anticipated advancement in Waerables' health portfolio. Studies have already proven that checking blood glucose levels regularly at an early stage can not only prevent type 2 diabetes, but also improve mental or physical performance and promote healthy behavior changes.

A graph showing added values by glucose monitoring


Study about continous blood glucose measurements


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What are the benefits of glucose monitoring for people without diabetes?
What are the benefits of frequent glucose measurement for people with diabetes?
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