DiaMonTech Closes Financing Round To Finalize Development Of Portable Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor


Berlin-based health tech company DiaMonTech has successfully closed a financing round, raising further millions with the Berlin based Moll Family GmbH in the lead.This investment will be instrumental in advancing their pioneering non-invasiveglucose monitoring technology.

DiaMonTech is at the forefront of developing a groundbreaking method to measure biomarkers reagent-free - with focus on a portable medical device to monitor glucose non-invasively. It has secured a total of ~20 million Euros to date, including prominent investors like Samsung Ventures and US-based VC Unorthodox Ventures. The current round was led by Moll Family and saw participation from new and existing investors.The raised funds will be allocated to further refining the prototype of their handheld device, D-Pocket, conducting critical clinical studies, and expediting market entry in the US and EU.

EmpoweringTomorrow’s Health

DiaMonTech's vision is to unlock continuous health data collection for everyone. CEO Thorsten Lubinski emphasizes that their journey includes miniaturization of the sensor and the development of a wearable wristband that offers continuous blood glucose monitoring, data logging, and alarm functions, ultimately transforming how individuals manage their health.


MollFamily - Enabling Ambitious Minds

The Moll Family, based in Berlin, acts as a wealth management company with purpose, added value and responsibility. It sees itself as an organization of people who want to create change and make a difference. As an innovation enabler, the focus is on entrepreneurial ideas, technical research and development, with a positive impact on the environment.

"We are delighted to support DiaMonTech's journey. This disruptive approach promises a completely new way of measuring blood glucose and dealing with the associated diseases," says its founder Rolf-Jürgen Moll.


First Steps To US Expansion ThroughGerman Accelerator Program

To prepare for market entry in the US, DiaMonTech is proud to announce its participation in the German AcceleratorLife Science Program, a market access initiative tailored for life sciencesstartups. This program is designed to assist in navigating the complexities ofthe US market, providing expert mentorship, and facilitating strategicconnections. The program aligns with DiaMonTech's goals for international expansion, strategic partnerships, and successful market entry.



DiaMonTech AG

Catalina Plesmann, Head of Marketing

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