DiaMonTech receives international recognition in Forbes and Axios

Berlin, 03 March 2021

The two authors Jennifer Kite-Powell (Senior Contributor Consumer Tech@Forbes) and Bryan Walsh (Author Axios Future) focus intensively on future forms of treatment and prevention of diabetes in interaction with hardware, data and artificial intelligence.

In this context, the two authors were given the opportunity to discuss with the co-founders Prof. Dr. Werner Mäntele and Thorsten Lubinski (Executive Board).

The articles were published in February 2021 and can be accessed at the following links:

Axios: "Diabetes monitoring without the needle" -


Forbes: "How Hardware, Data And Artificial Intelligence Are Changing Diabetes Care"


DiaMonTech develops non-invasive measuring devices that offer a new method of blood glucose measurement to prediabetics and diabetics. With the laser-based DiaMonTech technology the users place their finger on a sensor field of the meter and after a few seconds the blood glucose level is shown on a display. This way the blood glucose level can be measured precisely and painlessly without a drop of blood. Up to now, most diabetics have had to regularly take tiny blood samples from the fingertip with a lancet or lancing device in order to determine their blood sugar levels. In Germany alone, this affects more than seven million people. In addition there are about eight million prediabetics with a disturbed blood sugar metabolism, who show a preliminary stage of diabetes. So far, they lack products that enable reliable, pain-free,non-invasive measurement.

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