BERLIN, 05 MAY 2023

DiaMonTech AG, a young innovative medical technology company, was awarded an honorable mention in the healthcare category of the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards 2023. This recognition underscores the company's commitment to developing groundbreaking solutions in healthcare.

The D-Pocket, a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people with diabetes by providing a convenient and painless way to monitor blood glucose levels. The honorable mention in the Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards recognizes not only technological innovation, but also DiaMonTech's contribution to promoting health and wellness.

Company Profile DiaMonTech

The German MedTech company DiaMonTech has developed a novel way to measure biomarkers reagent-free. The first product is a non-invasive blood-sugar monitor that achieves a comparable accuracy as invasive devices. Samsung and other international investors are excited about the technology and invested more than USD 17M  in the company.

Changing the reality of diabetes.

Founded in Berlin in 2015, DiaMonTech develops, produces and markets innovative solutions to measure biomarkers non-invasively. The pioneered and patented photothermal detection method has been researched at a German University over the last 15 years by one of the founders, Prof. Dr.Werner Mäntele. Convinced that this technology has the potential to revolutionize the point of care market, he founded DiaMonTech together with the experienced entrepreneur Thorsten Lubinski. The first product is a blood sugar monitor called D-Pocket that doesn’t require blood sampling, is easy to use and highly precise.

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