HanseMerkur and DiaMonTech plan strategic cooperation in the field of non-invasive blood glucose measurement for diabetics and prediabetics

Berlin, 29 September 2020

For this purpose, DiaMonTech will make the newly developed devices for non-invasive blood glucose measurement available to the insured of HanseMerkur. The first pilot projects for non-invasive blood glucose measurement for insulin-dependent diabetics are planned in 2021. In addition, the DiaMonTech technology will be used in particular for the early detection of diabetes and prediabetes.

Thorsten Lubinski, Co-founder and CEO of DiaMonTechAG: "Our technology offers diabetes patients a clear added value. At any time, they can measure their blood glucose levels precisely, painlessly and without finger pricking. We are therefore pleased to have a strong partner in HanseMerkur, with whom we can jointly develop the technology further and make our contribution to the treatment of people with diabetes and with an increased risk of diabetes in Germany".

Holger Ehses, Management Board of HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung AG: "According to current research, we can assume a prevalence of almost 10 percent of pre-diabetes in the overall population. DiaMonTech's non-invasive method for blood glucose measurement offers optimal conditions for the early detection of diabetes. Thus, we can contribute to better care for our customers for this widespread disease and also help to relieve the healthcare system".

DiaMonTech develops non-invasive measuring devices that offer a new method of blood glucose measurement to prediabetics and diabetics. With the laser-based DiaMonTech technology the users place their finger on a sensor field of the meter and after a few seconds the blood glucose level is shown on a display. This way the blood glucose level can be measured precisely and painlessly without a drop of blood. Up to now, most diabetics have had to regularly take tiny blood samples from the fingertip with a lancet or lancing device in order to determine their blood sugar levels. In Germany alone, this affects more than seven million people. In addition there are about eight million prediabetics with a disturbed blood sugar metabolism, who show a preliminary stage of diabetes. So far, they lack products that enable reliable, pain-free,non-invasive measurement.

About HanseMerkur
With 2.3 billion euros annual revenue (2019), the HanseMerkur Group is the only independent and corporate-independent insurance group in the Hamburg financial center. The roots of the 145-year-old insurer lie in health insurance, which is still the company's main line of business today. HanseMerkur is also a specialist for private supplementary protection for those with compulsory health insurance and, with around 1.2 million additional insured in this segment, is one of the largest German providers. Further information is available at www.hansemerkur.de.

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